Little millet/ samalu Mango Kesari Happy Mother’s Day

AMMA — Admirer, Mentor, Makes you believe in yourself, Announcer of your smallest achievement.
Mother, M- Model’s you, O— Observer, T-Teacher, H-Hear’s you , E-eagerly waiting for all your achievements , R-runs with you anywhere.

The above photos are of my Maternal grand-mother who is called Badaamma, the next is of Amma, my mother-in-law, below the 1st is Amma my biological mother and next to her is my Chitra chithi. I wanted to add more photos of my Thathi, my other grand-mother, but couldn’t find the photos.
In my thought, mother doesn’t mean only your biological mother. For me the people in the photo and all my Athais and Chithi’s are in some way my mother.The above expansion of Amma or Mother says it all. It is not necessary that they are always with you physically. When you are in their thoughts and when you think about them, it says everything about the relationship.
I lost my thathi (paternal grandmother)when I was my studying in my 5th grade. My fond memory of her is her soft bulging stomach. My afternoon nap used to be sleeping by her side and putting my feet on her thopai / stomach. Badaamma for me was the person who taught me how to have a simple but enjoyable life. There used be momentary difficulties sometimes but her smile was always there. My amma is the person from who I have learned all my talents of handwork and cooking. Next it was my other amma, my mother-in-law from whom I learned many recipes and how to manage and organize all things when you have a house party. And what to say about my Chitra chithi who taught me to believe in Swami / Sai Baba and put out all our difficulties on HIM. She was a person who taught me how to handle any situation boldly with a smile. I could keep on writing but will pause for now.
Dedicating today’s Millet Mango Kesari for all the MOTHER’S. 😍


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