Give a twist to the simple idli batter. Add fresh vegetables and give nutritious idli’s to our little kids. You may as well add thokku to idli batter and let the others enjoy the spicy tiffin.

Make this simple but mouthwatering recipe with idli batter, and with the addition of my thokku’s.

The first two recipes are especially nutritious for children. My grandson really enjoyed it!

1.The colorful idli is made with fresh vegetables’. Take beetroot, carrot, grate them separately. Steam it and grind it with a tablespoon of fresh coconut. Now mix it with the idli batter and make small idli’s. Now you have red-beetroot idli, orange-carrot idli and you can have green idli adding paste of coriander leaves and coconut. Your colorful kutti idli’s are ready.

colourfull idli

c i

2.For the stuffed idli, sauté carrot/ peas in ghee with jeera and little pepper. Pour little idli batter in the mould. Place some sauted vegetables, cover it with some more idli batter and steam it.

3.Add little pudina-kothamalli thokku to the idli mav and steam it, spicy idli is ready.

4. Cheese dosa. Pour the mav and make dosa, spread the tomato thokku on one half of it, immediately spread shredded cheese on top of the thokku , fold the dosai and here’s your spicy cheese dosa.

5.You are short of dosa batter, no worries. Make tomato omelette. Add one cup besan flour to one cup dosa batter, add water and make a thick batter like a utthapam batter. Now add cut tomatoes, green chillies, fresh coriander leaves and salt. Make thick dosa and your tomato omelette is ready.

Prepare some of these simple recipes and enjoy a lovely meal with your family.

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