Classics are classics for a reason , and which dish will do more justice to this phrase than the mighty children’s favourite, Cheese Sandwich! But the more you fiddle with its simplicity, the taste just keeps getting better and better. Take a look at my version of a chatpata cheese sandwich.


Bread slices—           3

Tomato—                  1, cut into slices

Chess slice—              1

Tomato ketchup—   1 tbsp

Chili flakes—            ¼ tsp

Oregano—                ¼ tsp

Butter—                    1 tsp.


Mix together ketchup, chili flakes and oregano. Heat a flat pan. Spread butter on one slice of bread, place the buttered side on the hot pan.  Now place the chess slice on the bread, top it with the ketchup mixture. Place another slice of bread on top the Ketchup mixture, place the sliced tomato, spread the ketchup mixture again on the tomato slice. Now place one more slice of bread and spread rest of butter over the bread slice. Turn the sandwich, cover it with a  lid and allow the bread to toast for a minute. Enjoy cheeeesE sandwich.


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