My Journey…

Hello Folks! I am Sujata Sundar Rajan born and brought up in Bombay, but my native being Palakkad. My marriage took me to Dubai and I was settled there with my wonderful family consisting of my husband and two children for 30+ years. Right now I reside in Chennai. Crazy journey isn’t it?! It certainly has been as well beautiful to say the least. And culinary arts has played a very significant part in shaping the person I am today and has also defined my many relationships with friends and family.

Coming from a proper Palakkad household with members with a large appetite and a special penchant to try out “something new”, I have always been surrounded by exciting food. But my initial love to prepare dishes came from my maternal grand-mother, who not only taught me traditional Palakkad dishes, but various other Indian cuisines as well. She was my foundation in terms of my initial journey into food. My chithi’s and mother have also been very instrumental at this juncture.

As soon as I got married, I shifted to Dubai and it was at this time that my mother in law introduced me to various other dishes across cuisines. I’ve always had a keen eye to learn and equip myself with varied recipes which has in-turn made me experiment constantly. In the 90’s, none of us had the exposure to an Internet, but cookbooks and cookery shows were my source of creative education. I have to mention Tarla Dalal and Sanjeev Kapoor have been my biggest inspirations who have taught me simple yet dynamic dishes. I’ve had the good fortune of serving to large crowds at many platforms such as Sathya Sai Mandir, various labor camps and family get together’s. And the reaction has always been positive!

Settling down in Chennai a few years ago made me want to pursue my love for food at a larger scale. It was at this juncture that I participated in many food stalls in corporate communities and residential apartments with the help of my family. And with the advent of social media, I also wanted to create my own food blog that lets me do what I love! I have absolutely loved this experience that has connected me to so many special people.

Please walk through my blog which is a melange of sumptuous dishes that range across cuisines wrapped around with a creative blanket! It is also an ode to my Palakkad roots with many dishes that signify the importance of this food culture.