Tender mango pickle, doesn’t involve any of the cooking process and requires minimum oil. It can be stored for a year. Tender mangoes are seasonal, so don’t miss the season and prepare the vadumangai and store it.


Small raw mangoes 8 cups

Rock Salt 1 cup

Red chili pwd 1cup

Mustard seeds 1/4 cup coarsely powdered

Turmeric pwd 1 teaspoon

Sesame oil 2 tablespoons


Choose mangoes of same size with the stem. Trim the stem of the mangoes leaving a bit.Wash them well, wipe and allow them to dry by spreading them on a towel.

Drizzle oil, add rock salt ,give it a stir and transfer into a dry container. Close and keep aside for a minimum of four days. Shake the container daily at least twice a day. (Since there were different sizes , i have separated them into two sizes)

After about 3-4 days you will notice the mangoes have discharged water and that the mangoes would have reduced in size a bit and would have developed wrinkles. Now add the red chili powder and mustard seeds powder; mix everything together and leave it further for 5-6 days. Around the 10th day there will be thick gravy with the mangoes. Now your Vadumangai / Mavadu is ready. Store it in jar /bottle and enjoy all through the year.

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