Traditional Milk Halwa

The most simplest and easiest sweet I have made till date. Simply because the ingredients are simple and always available at home, easy because the method of preparation is soo simple. I learned this recipe from my friend / brother Ramji. I know Ramji from the 90’s through Sai group. Ramji is the one who gave me lot of confidence in cooking especially in large quantities when we would do Narayan seva in Dubai through Sai organization, we would cook food for 300 or even 900 people. The most important part of any cooking is to add the correct amount of salt. A person who had cooked for maybe 15-20 people knew how much salt to add for sambar or any subji or a vegetable pullav. But when you cook for 300 + people I didn’t know how much salt to add, but Ramji would say, You just add the salt and leave the rest to the Almighty and true to his words never has the taste gone wrong. It is not only adding salt but even other spices, and the purchase list, never has it gone wrong . We were a team of 4 people Vijay, Ramji,Priya & myself all through the journey of Narayan seva. Missing on the grand opportunity of doing Narayan seva! Here is a simple yet delicious dish remembering the good old day 🙂

Milk — 4 cups
Sugar — 3 cups
Semolina — 1 cup
Ghee —- 1 cup.

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