A few weeks back I came across a situation that put me in a state of dilemma. My grandson had a bad throat coupled with hunger that added on to his crankiness. I wanted to feed him something nutritious as well as something that will soothe his throat. This hearty soup is stacked up with some beautiful soothing flavours that is inherently healthy for you.

One of the key ingredients of this sumptuous soup is Kalpooravalli aka Indian Borage. Any South Indian household with a child will have this herb. It is a natural medicine that helps alleviate cold, cough, congestion and sore throat. It also aids in digestion. There are multiple uses for this beneficial leaf. Go ahead and use this herb in your dishes.

Tomato—                4

Moong dal—           2 tbsp

Whole pepper—     ¼ tsp

Cumin seeds—        ¼ tsp

Karpooravalli—       2

Coriander leaves—

Salt—                         ½ tsp.


Wash the tomatoes. Make a slit in the tomatoes. Boil water in a deep pan , when it stars boiling, slide in the tomatoes and boil it  further for two minutes. Remove the tomato from water, cool it and peel the skin.  Pressure cook the moong dal. Grind together tomato, pepper, cumin seed, karpooravalli and coriander leaves. Strain the grounded paste. Take a deep pan add the mashed moong dal and the grounded paste. Add salt and a glass of water. Boil it for 2-3 minutes. Herbal Tomato soup is ready.



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