Janata curfew

Today it’s compulsory to stay at home and sure everyone wants something special and I was in no mood to do anything special. My daughter looks at me and says, “amma, I would love to have some grilled sandwich.” My son adds on, “amma can i have something exclusive!” And finally when i looked at my husband,he said his famed line, “anything is fine! “; indirectly meaning ,yes something different is always welcome. Hearing everyone, my grandson asked what are you preparing ammama, I will help you. The fact was that I was in no mood for spending hours in the kitchen and making something elaborate. So I opened the fridge and found all these ingredients and that’s how this chatpatha cheesy sandwich got invented.

Bread slice—– white / Brown / whole wheat /Multigrain….

Potato subji / corn subji / Mixed vegetable subji/ chole.

Butter / Olive oil


Tortilla chips / Potato chips

Apply butter or oil on the bread slices. Heat a pan, lower the heat. Place the buttered side on the pan, spread the subji ( i used leftover chole to which i added boiled potato) on the bread, cover the subji with a bread slice, now spread some shredded cheese on the bread and arrange the chips and again cover it with one more slice of bread, butter it. Turn the sandwich and toss the bread, enjoy this chatpatha-cheesy sandwich.

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