Adai is a evening or dinner time tiffin. The combination of rice and dal is high in protein. My recipe for adai here is normally prepared for Karthigai festival . Its a huge challenge to have 2 adais,especially the one made for Karthigai festival,because of its thickness. There are lots of combination to have adai. Some of the popular combination are Adai with aviyal, moru kootan. In our house my father used to love it with vellam / jaggery, my children love it with rasam and my grandson enjoys it with jackfruit jam (chakka varati)as he calls it.


Raw rice —- 1 glass

Idli rice —– 1 glass

Toor dal —- 1/2 glass

Channa dal —- 1/2 glass

Whole urad dal — 1/2 glass

Dry red chili —- 4

whole pepper —- 1 teaspoon

Coconut cut into small pieces — 2 tablespoon

Asafoetida —– 1/2 teaspoon

Salt —- 1 1/2 teaspoon

Sesame oil

Few curry leaves.


Wash and soak both the rice for 4 hours. Wash and soak dals for 1 hour.Grind the rice with red chili and whole pepper coarsely. Grind the dals separately coarsely. Add salt,asafoetida and mix both the batter well, let the batter be thick.Keep aside for 1/2 hour. Add coconut bits and curry leaves before making adai. Heat a tawa ,apply little oil,lower the heat and spread the adai mav ,sprinkling some water. With the spatula make holes. Pour oil around the adai and in the center. Once the adai is cooked on one side turn it, drizzle some more oil and cook on the other side.

You could add extra water to dilute it little more,so that you can use ladle to pour mav and make adai as you make dosai.

Note — The difference between normal adai and Karthigai adai is the use of normal urad dal, minus pepper and coconut pieces, but still it would taste great.


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