Gothambu Chakkai Dosai

Do you like chakkai / jackfruit? Here’s a recipe where chakkai has been used differently. You will require very little quantity of chakkai to prepare chakkai dosai. It’s quick and easy to prepare.


Wheat flour —- 1 cup

Fresh chakkai a pieces — 1/2 cup

Jaggery — 2 tablespoon

Water — 2 cups



Grind together chakkai pieces and jaggery adding half a glass of water. Now add the remaining water to the grounded paste. Now slowly incorporate the whole mixture to the wheat flour,mixing everything together . Heat a tava,grease it with ghee,lower the heat,pour in a ladle of batter. Drizzle ghee around the dosai. When its cooked,flip it,drizzle some more ghee on top of the dosai, and cook it. Enjoy sweet jackfruit dosai.

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