Vendhiyam Rice

As mentioned in the earlier post, Vendhiyam Rice is a great combination for Ennai Kathrikai. Noor is based out of Thanjavur, one of the districts known for its temples and its heat. According to her, Vendhiyam Sor (rice) is a regular preparation during summers, as Vendhiyam(Fenugreek seeds) is the best coolant for the body and the stomach. Sharing this simple preparation that is a break from the regular rice preparations and is also scores equal and more points on the health scale.


Basmati rice —                  2 cups (could be your choice of rice too)

Onion–                              2 medium size

Tomato–                           2 medium size

Fenugreek seeds–           1 table spoon

Salt–                                   1 ¼ teaspoon

oil+ ghee–                        3 tablespoons

few curry leaves.


Rinse the rice and leave the wet rice for 20 minutes ( for Basmati rice)

Heat oil and ghee in a deep pan. Add fenugreek seeds; when they turn light brown in colour add in the curry leaves and onion. Saute the onion till it becomes pink in colour. Now add the tomatoes, stir and cook for 2 minutes. Add water and salt. Bring the water to boil.  Add the rice, stir and wait for it to a boil. Lower the flame; cover and cook until the rice is done. A sign that the rice is ready, is when you see each morsel of rice separated from each other. It shouldn’t stick.

Please note that the ratio of rice and water depends on the quality of rice.



Happy Cooking!


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