Palak Verumarsi adai

The simplest dish one could prepare. Varam arsi literally means only rice . Murungai ilai /drumstick leaves varam arsi adai is an age old recipe . Here again the twist is given by my grandmother ,instead of murungai ilai she added chopped Palak,the influence of Bombay. Choice is yours,whether it’s murungai ilai,palak and simply scrapped fresh coconut, once added the adai is irresistible.


Par boiled rice —-2cups

Palak —- a bunch

Salt —- 1 teaspoon

Sesame oil .


Wash and soak rice for minimum 4 hours. Grind the rice into a thick paste. Wash and chop the palak . Mix the chopped Palak and salt to the rice batter. Heat a tawa,pour the adai batter ,spread it. Drizzle sesame oil all round the adai and allow it cook in low heat. Once cooked ,flip over and cook. Take it out from the tawa and enjoy hot adai with any pickle. I like a little sugar with all my tiffins,so had it with little sugar and avakai.

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