Seppankizhangu Masiyal

Masiyal is the most simplest dish. A dish quick and easy to prepare . It’s prepared with just one vegetable . Masiyal can be prepared either with seppankizhangu, chennai or urulaikilangu. Enjoy masiyal with rasam or Manga kuttan.


Seppakizhangu — 1/2 kg

Tuvar dal — 1/2 cup

Ginger — 1 inche

Green chili — 3

Turmeric powder —12 teaspoon

Mustard seeds — 1/2 teaspoon

Urad dal —- 1/2 teaspoon

Salt — 1 teaspoon

Sesame oil — 1 tablespoon

Lemon juice — 3 tablespoons .


Wash the seppankizhangu well. Peel the skin. Cut the seppankizhangu into thick slices. Rinse the seppankizhangu slices. Pressure cook tuvar dal. Slit the green chili’s ,cut the ginger into juliennes. Add green chili,ginger ,turmeric , salt and half of glass of water to seppankizhangu and pressure cook for two whistle . Open the cooker, add the dal and mix it well with the cooked seppankizhangu. Cook for 2 minutes and put off the heat. For the tempering ,heat the oil,add the mustard seeds ,when they crackle add the urad dal and saute till they change colour and add it to the masiyal. Allow the masiyal to cool down a little and then add the lemon juice . Enjoy Seppankizhangu masiyal .


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