Quite self explanatory, this is a simple pickle with raw mango and mango ginger. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and can be used as an accompaniment to any gravy and curd rice as well. The sourness of raw mango and fresh aromatic spice of mango ginger, is a great culmination of flavours that sets the taste palette into a roller coaster ride. Rush to the near by market and devour into this excuisite recipe.



Manga inji—        300 gms

Raw mango—      1

Green chilies—   5

Lemon—               1

Salt—                    1 ¼ tsp.


Wash and remove the skin of the manga inji. Cut manga inji, raw mango and green chilies into tiny pieces. Add salt and squeeze in the lemon juice, now give a stir and toss it all together. Your Manga Inji pickle is ready. You can have it immediately.


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