The Story of my home’s Maa Laadoo

“Amamaaa…Maala Laadoo venum…”; my toddler grandson literally snatches it from my hand and runs away. In five minutes, he comes back with a sheepish smile, “one more venum.” And so continues the saga of Maalaado or Maa Laddo in my household. One of the simplest recipes, this particular form of ladoo, is specific to South India and consumes minimum time of preparation. Pottu Kadalai, sugar, ghee, kaaju and abundance of love, has ensured that my kids keep coming back to their Maa ka Ladoo. Follow my recipe as mentioned below and do drop in your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Happy Cooking!


Ingredient :-

Roasted gram(pottukadalai)— 1 glass

Sugar— 1 glass

Ghee– ¼ glass

Cardamom pwd— ½ teaspoon

Cashewnuts— 1 tablespoon(broken into pieces).

Method : –

Powder the roasted gram into a fine powder and sieve. Next powder the sugar and sieve. Add the cardamom pwd and mix well. Now heat 1 tablespoon of ghee and roast the cashewnuts, add this to the powder mixture and mix well. Now heat the remaining ghee till smoke comes out( don’t burn the ghee) and immediately pour it over the powder and mix it well with a spatula . When its warm and bearable to your hand make balls and enjoy the Maa Ladoo.

Thanks for joining me!

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