My maternal grandmother, Badamma, as she was fondly called by the entire family, is one of the reasons why I’m here sharing my love and passion for cooking with you all. She has been my guide and teacher in the culinary world. A simple mollugutal, would be the best when she prepares. I am proud to say that she taught me the little hacks in cooking, that was not even shared by her with her daughters. One of her famed preparation was Kothamalli Podi (Coriander Leaf powder). My father used to be her connoisseur, when it comes to this powder. A man of very little words, he would silently pick up a bunch of fresh coriander from the market and drop it off to his mother in law’s house.
Another anecdote that I would like to share, is that during the days when technology never intervened in the process of making all forms of fresh powders (wet and dry), Badamma had her set of Telugu helpers, who used to come home to just powder or grind using the manual stone grinder. Elamma, the head of this Telugu gang, would be in our house ready to prepare, rice powder for Muruku and Kothamalli podi. The taste of fresh home made powders, is something that cannot be explained in mere words. I have been fortunate enough to experience the process of making the powders and relishing the end product.
 This post of mine is in memory of Badamma and appa, the two persons who have made me what I am today. Thank you Badamma and Appa…wherever you are



Urdal dal—                              ½ cup ( 100 gms)

Dry red chilies—-                 9-10 nos

Asafoetida—                         2 small pieces / ½ tsp

Tamarind—                           small marble size

Fresh coriander leaves—   3 cups

Salt—                                     1  ¼ tsp

Oil—                                       2 tsp.


Wash and clean the coriander leaves. Spread it over a towel. Heat a pan add the oil, fry the whole asafoetida, remove and keep aside. In the same oil fry the urdal dal and red chilies ,till the dal changes colour. Put of the heat and allow it to cool. Take a mixer jar and powder the fried ingredients. Add the tamarind, salt and add coriander leaves and powder it together.

Tasty kothamalli podi is ready.


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