Fusion Platter

What’s a sizzler dish? A combination of cooked vegetables, flavored rice/ noodles, arranged in a hot iron/ sizzler plate and a particular sauce poured over it and when its comes to the table ,you have a sizzling sound with smoke. I like sizzler but without the sizzler plate I was hesitant to prepare it. But after much thought decided to make it without the sizzler plate. So here is my take on the dish. Note :- Since there are few preparations prior to making the actual dish,which is basically assembling, I have split the method into various steps. Its not difficult ,so prepare and enjoy Fusion Platter .

Rice — 1 cup
Panner cubes
Carrots,Capsicum,Baby corn,Onion
Mushroom,Tomato, cabbage
Mint leaves– handful
Garlic — 4
Tomato puree — 1/2 cup
Red chili sauce — 2 tablespoon
Corn flour — 1 tablespoon
Olive oil / butter — 4 tablespoon
Salt, pepper.


Step 1:- To start, wash and cook rice with salt, spread them in a plate and allow them to cool. Wash all the vegetables and cut them in cubes. Cut the paneer. Wash and chop the mint leaves.( I grinded some leaves separately.) Mix corn flour to half an glass of water. Mix together tomato puree, red chili sauce,half an teaspoon of salt ,pepper to one glass of water .

Step 2:-Take a pan drizzle some olive oil,place the onion and capsicum ,sprinkle salt and pepper ,sauté and keep aside,repeat the same with other vegetables and paneer.

Step 3:- Heat 1 tablespoon oil,add half the chopped gralic, sauté . Now pour in the tomato puree mix and allow it to boil for two minutes ,now slowly add in the corn four mixture and keep stirring to get a thick sauce,keep it aside. Heat 1 tablespoon oil to the pan,add the remaining garlic ,sauté ,add the chopped mint, the mint water,mix everything together and allow to cook for a minute ,put of the heat. Now add the cooled rice and toss everything together .

Assembling :- Take a wide pan, spread the shredded cabbage ,arrange the vegetables ,place the rice. Switch on the heat, let the platter get warm,now pour in the sauce. You could add some butter around the vegetables . Put of the heat and enjoy!

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