Kadalai Puttu

Puttu Kadalai is a famous Kerala tiffin. People in Kerala normally have it for breakfast. Its quite a wholesome breakfast, small pieces of puttu with kadalai is very filling. Now a days its quite simple to make the puttu, since you get readymade puttu powder. Originally, the puttu podi / powder was made at home which requires soaking, drying, grinding,sieving and roasting of raw rice. Other then raw rice, puttu is made with red rice,ragi,wheat and multi grain which are all available in the market.


Brown chana / Kadalai—– 1 1/2 cup

Onion —– 2

Coriander seeds —– 1 tablespoon

Cumin seeds —– 1 tablespoon

Dry red chili —- 4

Cloves —- 3

Cinnamon — small bits

Mustard seeds —- 1/2 teaspoon

Asafetida —- 1/2 teaspoon

Turmeric pwd — 1/2 teaspoon

Salt —- 1 1/2 teaspoon

Coconut oil — 2 tablespoon

Few curry leaves.


Wash and soak the kadalai overnight or for minimum 7 hours. Pressure cook the kadalai. Heat 1 spoon oil ,add the clove and cinnamon,when you get a nice aroma add the red chili,coriander and cumin seeds and fry till they change colour,add the chopped onion and saute them till they turn pink in the colour,put of the heat. Cool it and grind it along with turmeric and salt. Heat the remaining oil ,add the mustard seeds,when they crack add the asafetida,curry leaves and slowly add in the grounded paste,give it a stir and allow it cook till you see the oil oozing out. Add this gravy to the cooked kadalai, add 1/2 glass of water and allow it to boil for 7-8 mintues. Kadalai is ready.


Mix 1 cup of puttu powder and 1 cup of warm water,with salt and leave aside for 1/2 hour. Take the puttu maker and fill it with puttu powder and grated coconut and steam it for 10 mintues.

Enjoyyy Puttu Kadalai.

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