Ever thought about a savory application of something that is as sweet as Mangoes? Do Mangoes and spice create a tasty combination? The answer is a definite Yes! Here I introduce a very creative and out of the box dish, that combines the sweet richness of mangoes and the rustic flavor of chillies, creating a harmonious yet power packed multi purpose dip.

A very interesting anecdote about the genesis of this dish. Today was a very unusual day in Chennai as far as climate is concerned. Despite it being summer, there was heavy rain during the noon which made my day very special. After my son’s relentless request to munch on something spicy combined with my creative juices flowing in the right direction, the result was indeed special! A few more dishes were prepared, and they are soon to follow in the upcoming days! Watch out!


Mango—                         2 cups

Green chillies—                  5

Honey—                             2 tbsp

Red chilli sauce—             1tbsp

Cumin powder—           ¾ tsp

Lemon—                          1.


Grind together cut mangoes, green chilies, honey, red chili sauce and cumin powder into a smooth pulp. Heat a pan, pour in the pulp and keep stirring the pulp and cook for 4-5 minutes. Put of the heat, cool the pulp , squeeze in the lemon juice and give it a good mix. Enjoy spicy mango dip with   bhajiyas, French fries or just chips.





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