What are the synonyms that aptly describe my family’s yearly vacations to Ernakulam? A wonderful stay with my in laws, long rides for family visits, temple ulsavam and the varied experiences with freshly made Banana chips! Its true! A regular item that we purchase back to Dubai and also something that I distribute as gifts to my family friends.

The freshness that is achieved by preparing this dish by one self is something that cannot be explained. This is an absolute family favorite. It hardly takes 2 days for the chips to get exhausted in my household! Such is the taste. The freshness of the taste and the beautiful warmth that coats your mouth is second to none! A dish that can consumed at any time of the day, can be stored easily and something that will put a huge smile in your family’s face. Check out the recipe and make sure to try this out during the evening with a freshly brewed cup of filter coffee!




Oil to fry.

and the most important tool the slicer.


Remove the top and bottom of the banana. Make a slit using a butter knife and peel the skin. Immerse the peeled banana in water. Heat oil in a deep pan. Add a teaspoon of salt to ¾ cup of water.  Remove the peeled banana from the water and dab a tissue over the banana to remove water. When the oil is hot use the slicer and slice the banana directly into the oil. Fry the bananas. when the banana is cooked almost and they turn out little hard add one spoon of salt water into the oil, be very careful. You will hear a bubbling noise, when the sound starts subsiding remove the banana from the oil. Enjoy hot and tasty nendrankai chips.





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