Potato/Aaloo stuffed parotha

The last of the Roti version in Roti mania. Aaloo stuffed parotha. The basic ingredients are the same. For the stuffing we prepare aaloo subji.

Ingredients Wheat flour —- 2-cups
Salt —- 2 tsp
Oil —- 3-4 tbsp
Ghee — 4-5 tbsp
For the aaloo stuffing
Potato — 2 medium, Kasuri methi ,salt

Method Add 1tsp salt,oil, to the wheat flour and knead it well to get an soft dough. Cover and keep it aside. For the stuffing remove the skin of the potatoes and cook it. Once the potatoes are cool ,mash them using a potatoes masher or a fork. Add salt and Kasuri methi, mix everything together.

Now for making suffed parotha. Make normal sized chapathi’s, keep aside. Now spread the prepared potato stuffing on top of the chapati. Now take another chapati place it on top potato stuffing. Seal the edges. Heat a pan, place the parotha on the pan and cook it, drizzle some ghee flip it , drizzle some more ghee. Cook both the sides. Aaloo parotha ready.

Enjoy Aaloo parotha with salad and curd. https://sujatasrecipes.blog/2022/01/31/pineapple-cucumber-salad/


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