Koki is a popular chapathi cooked in every Sindhi household. The basic ingredients is wheat flour.


Wheat flour —- 2-cups
Onion —- 1
Green chili —- 2nos
Salt —- 1tsp
Red chili pwd—- 1/2 tsp
Pomegranate Seeds Dried —- 1tsp
Oil —- 3-4 tbsp
Ghee — 4-5 tbsp

Method Cut the green chili and onions into small pieces. Now take a big bowl add all the ingredients except Ghee and water. Mix everything together. Now slowly add the water and knead to get an soft dough. Cover and keep aside for half an hour.Take small balls and make chapathi’s. Heat a pan, place the chapathi on the pan and cook it, drizzle some ghee flip it , drizzle some more ghee. Cook both the sides. Koki ready

Enjoy Koki with Baingan Bharti. https://sujatasrecipes.blog/2020/10/05/baingan-bharta/


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