Coriander–Mint leaves chutney

Presenting you simple chutney with minimum ingredients. I mostly use this chutney for making sandwiches. Spread the chutney on the bread slice, place sliced carrots, cucumber, tomatoes or veggies of your choice and then sandwhich it with the other slice. The other option is to make the sandwich with boiled potato,pepper powder or chat masala. You can have just like that or you could toast it in the pan. This is your typical Bombay Sandwich. You could place a slice cheese on top of the vegetables.     This  chutney can also used a side dish for Dosai or any Roti. Or even better, spread it on the dosa and top it with some shredded cheese to make some yummy chutney cheese dosa. Add 1tsp of chutney to an bowl of curd, add cut onion and a Raita is ready. The recipe to this multi purpose chutney is right here.

Ingredients Coriander leaves —- 2 cups Mint leaves — 1/2 cup Green chili — 2 Peanut —- 3tbsp Salt —- 1/2 tsp.

Method Wash the coriander leaves and mint leaves separately. Soak the peanut for15mnts. Chop the leaves. Grind together all the ingredients add water to get a thick consistency. Coriander- Mint chutney ready.


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