Chikoo / Sapota Rava Kesari

Rava — 1 cup
Sugar —- 1 1/ 2 cup
Chikoo pulp — 1/2 cup
Ghee — 1/2 cup
Cardamom pwd — 1/2 tsp
Water — 2 1/2 cups Few cashew nuts

Father’s day special. Dedicating today’s Kesari to both my appas.

APPA — My take on APPA Adorable, Persuasive, Protective, Amazing. The feeling between a father and daughter is mutual.
I have been thinking of writing about my dear Appa for a long time. Not only about my biological appa but one more person, my father-in-law whom I used to call appa. Both of them are not physically with me today but there are so many things I learned from them that I feel they are always with me. To mention a few things, my technical knowledge with regards to house maintenance which usually requires a carpenter or a electrician, I would try to fix it before calling a professional. As a young girl I would be my appa’s assistant holding a screw driver or a spanner. I have grown up watching him repair things at home. Right from setting the house with furniture from different parts of India or calling a carpenter and designing, the end result would be unique. People talk about foldable cots, dinning table with a center rotator, shoe rack or a writing table which can be extended . I had the good fortune of enjoying it right from my school days, thanks to appa. Some of the things that he loved to do were stocking up on the orange mithai while traveling, preparing mango milkshake or just buying a lollipop when he used pick me from my grandparents home after college. Here’s how he prepared mango milkshake. He would add the mango pieces, milk ,sugar and crushed ice. How do you crush ice at home? Simply take the ice cubes from the freezer, wrap it up in a thick clean towel and hammer it with your idikki ( pakkad) or just smash it on your kitchen platform.😊. This was his humble brilliance.
What do I write about the Appa who I got after marriage! There has been only two instances where we have discussed about something important, but the understanding was always there. Just the look would make me realize what he would want to say; whether it was for a half cup of coffee or a small sweet piece or rasam made by me in a small cup or anything else. When someone would point out that he was diabetic he would reply with a smile, ” it’s ok I will have an extra pills tonight!”. Even when he lost his memory and speech ,the smile was never lost. When ever I would ask him for something, the answer would be a smile. There had been situations were I had to feed him or take him to toilet. He would look into my face which said many things. I think I was fortunate to serve my this appa a little, since I wasn’t blessed to do anything to my biological appa whom I lost 30 years back. One thing was common with both of them there smiling face whatever the situation was.
I could keep writing because the bond between a father and daughter is extremely precious, whether you express it verbally or not.
I dedicate this to all the lovely fathers. You could also share few lovely moments you had with your appa or one or two specific things you learned from him.

3 thoughts on “Chikoo / Sapota Rava Kesari

  1. Sairam Sujataji,

    I always know you as a beautiful , multi- talented person and a very good human being and toady after reading your below article my respect for you has increased a lot.

    Lots of love and hugs to You.

    Sairam with Love,


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