Homemade paneer.

Paneer is available easily everywhere . But home-made paneer has its own taste. Apart from using regular milk to make paneer, you can use the same method if you have spoilt milk as well. Add lemon juice and get homemade paneer.


Milk — 1 liter

Lemon juice — 2-3 tablespoons .


Take a thick bottom vessel . Pour in the milk and put it to boil. Once the milk starts boiling,lower the heat,add the lemon juice. Stir continuously , you will see the milk curdle . Put of the heat. Drain the curdled milk over a colander. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Paneer is ready.Save the residue of the paneer.

Residue of paneer is called Whey. Whey has lot of nutritious value . Some of the uses of whey. Substitute water with whey while making chapathi, poori dough. Add it to a gravy when making subji which has a sour base. Add it to soups. Use it when baking cakes, pancake ,breads instead of water.

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