Kasuri methi lachha paratha.

Most of us when we go to a restaurant and order chapathi- sabji,we would order either a tandoori roti or lachha paratha. Lachha paratha is layered chapathi. I always thought it would be difficult to get the layers when you prepare it at home, but gave it a try. Yes of course initially the fold ‘s wouldn’t come properly but by the time you make the fourth paratha you would get the folds . So go ahead and make lachha parathas.


Wheat flour — 2 cups

Kasuri methi — 1/4 cup

Oil — 2 teaspoons

Salt — 1/2 teaspoon



Add salt,oil to the wheat flour, add water / whey and make a soft dough. Cover and rest the dough for half an hour. Dry roast the kauri methi for a minute and crush it. After half an hour kneed the dough again. Take small balls and roll them into thin chapathis, now apply few drops of ghee on the chapathi,dust some wheat flour,sprinkle some kasuri methi,give it a little press. Now slowly start folding the chapathi like a fan, roll it. Now roll it again and make chapathi. Heat a pan ,place the chapathi on to the tawa and cook it,turn over ,drizzle ghee on the sides and on the chapathi. Cook it on the both sides. Enjoy hot and layered lachha paratha.

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