Mango milkshake.

A favorite milkshake of my family. My Appa/ father used to love making it. Enjoy the milkshake when the Mango is in season.

Ingredients Ripe Mango — 2 Milk — 2 cups Water —- 3/4 cup Sugar options.

Method Peel the skin and cut the Mango into pieces. Add water to the seeds and squeeze the extra pulp from the seeds. Add Mango pieces,milk, Mango plup into a mixer jar and blend everything together. ( add sugar if the Mango is not sweet. ) Mango milkshake is ready . Refrigerate the milkshake if you want to enjoy cold Mango milkshake.

My take on APPA—Adorable, Persuasive, Protective, Amazing. Here’s how my Appa/ Father prepared mango milkshake. He would add the mango pieces, milk ,sugar and crushed ice. How do you crush ice at home? Simply take the ice cubes from the freezer, wrap it up in a thick clean towel and hammer it with your idikki ( pakkad)
or just smash it on your kitchen platform.😊. This was his humble brilliance.


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