Amma — PB  — Prema Balan  / Prema’s Buddhi

Not a food page but some art work of my mother.
Few day’s back we celebrated Father’s day and I  had written a  small write-up about my appa giving a small glimpse about him. It’s not Mother’s day but I  thought of sharing some of her art work she has been doing right from my school days, and still continues till today  which keeps her busy even through the Covid  time and lockdown.She learned many things from her friend / guru, Hema Mami .  It is her interest in any form of art that she keeps learning new  things. Now a days, she gets few ideas from youtube. So I will try to showcase some of her art work.
Chapter 1 /  Art work  1….

The  glass temple you see in the background is made from empty bottles. Bru coffee bottles for the pillars, small injection bottles placed on the top in-between the glass sheets for the  gopuram and the  dolls of Krishna, Saraswathi and Lakshmi are all hand made.

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