Red Pumpkin / Mattanna / Laal Kaddoo ki sabji

Mattanna / Red pumpkin is used in South Indian household's either to make kootu,olan or sambar. I have only named a few South Indian dishes. This time I wanted to try something different with Mattanna  / red Pumpkin. So here is a sabji with minimum ingredients and a sativik one too. Go ahead try it and enjoy with chapati or phulkas.


Red pumpkin  —           2  cups
 Capsicum   —            2 cups
Tomato           —            1 cup
Green chili     —              1
Ginger             —             
Coriander seeds   —    1 tsp
Cummin seeds    —     1 tsp
Dry red chili          —        2
Salt                  —            1 tsp
Oil                    —-           2- 3 tbsp
Coriander leaves  —    1/2  cup.

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