5 Summer Drink

I have prepared 5 summer refreshments ,something refreshing which you can have for breakfast, lunch ,dinner or anytime of the day. Made with fresh fruits, herbs and everything natural, I assure you that these drinks are the perfect detox recipe that you are looking for

Musk Melon juice

Ingredients :- Fresh Musk melon and honey.

Method :- Wash the melon, peel the skin ,cut into half and remove the flesh and seeds ( use a spoon its easy to remove the flesh and seeds). Cut the melon into cubes. Add the melon cubes and honey and blend everything together. Pour the juice and enjoy fresh Musk melon juice. Adding ice is optional.

Melon-Orange-Mint juice

Ingredients:- Melon, orange, few mint leaves, honey, black salt/ salt.

Method :- Wash,peel ,remove the flesh and seeds. Cut the melon into cubes. Cut the orange and remove the seeds. Now add the melon cubes, oranges, mint leaves, honey and black salt/ salt and blend it. Either add crushed ice or plain water. Blend everything together. Your Melon- orange-mint juice is ready.

Cucumber juice

Ingredients:- Cucumber, ginger,coriander leaves+ stem,ginger, lemon,salt. Method:- Wash, peel the Cucumber and cut them into cubes. De skin the ginger and cut them into small pieces. Wash the coriander leaves along with the stem and chop them. Now add the Cucumber pieces, ginger, coriander leaves, stem, salt and water and blend everything together. Strain the juice, add lemon juice, give it a stir and enjoy fresh Cucumber juice. Adding ice and honey or sugar is optional.

Lemon- Mint juice

Ingredients:- Mint leaves, lemon, black salt/ salt and Nannari juice.

Method:- Take a bunch of Mint leaves wash them well and blend them in a blender adding a cup of water. Now for the juice take a glass add one tablespoon of mint juice,one teaspoon of Nannari juice, lemon juice, black salt/ salt and water,stir everything together and enjoy Lemon-Mint juice. ( you can refrigerate the extra mint juice in a tight bottle).

Neer Mor

Ingredients:- Curd,curry leaves, ginger, green chili, cummin powder, asafoetida and salt. Method:- Blend all the ingredients together adding water. The best and age-old drink for summer.

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