Idli Manchurian

A different take on the simple Idli. Next time you have left over Idli’s after breakfast and are wondering how to serve the same idli for dinner, try out Idli Manchuraian. Normally we have Manchurian as a starter or a side dish, but Idli Manchurian is a whole meal that in fantastic to taste and at the same time healthy too.


Idli — 12

Capsicum — 2

Onion — 3

Garlic — 5 pods

Tomato ketchup — 4-5 tbsp

Chilli sauce — 2tb

Soy sauce — 2tbsp

Corn flour — 1 1/2 tbsp

Salt — 1 teaspoon



Prepare idli and allow it to cool .( If you plan to prepare idli Manchurian for dinner, then you can make the idli in the morning .) Cut the idli into six pieces. Heat a pan with 3-4 tbsp oil and add the idli pieces. After a minute, toss the idli and shallow fry the idli. Once all the cut pieces are fried, keep them aside. In the same pan, heat 2-3 tsp of oil. Add garlic and sauté. Now add the chopped onion and sauté until the onion turns pink. Add the capsicum and sauté everything together for two minutes. Now add in the tomato ketchup, chilli sauce and soya sauce, give it a stir and cook for a minute. Meanwhile mix corn flour in 2 cups of water. Add this to the the pan and mix everything together. Cook for 2 minute and put off the heat. Add the fried idli and mix it with the vegetables. Your Idli Manchurian is ready. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves or chopped spring onions. Serve Idli Manchurian hot.

For idli batter refer to —

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