Kathirikai Fry

A very simple dish. Foodies who like kathirikai / brinjal/ eggplant / aubergine are sure to like it.


Small kathrikai —- 250gms

Curry powder —- 1 cup

Salt — 3/4 teaspoon

Oil —- 3-4 tablespoon.


Wash and pat dry the kathrikai. Add salt to the curry powder and mix well. Remove the stem and slit the kathrikai in + – shape partially. Immediately stuff the  kathrikai with the curry powder. Heat a flat pan add oil and place the suffed kathrikai lower the flame, cover and cook. After 2 minutes turn the kathrikai close and cook again. Cook till kathrikai becomes soft. Enjoy kathrikai fry with mor kootaan or with a simple lemon rasam.

Curry Powder –

Roast 2 cups of channa dal along with 1/4 cup of dhaniya and 1/4 cup dry red chilli. Powder it a coarsely. You can store this Curry powder Add a spoon of curry powder to give an extra flavor to any vegetable fry or Sundal preparation.

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