Krishna Janmashtami special. Vell Aval is most treasured dish by Lord Krishna lovingly given to friend Sudama. Here’s another version of Aval. Make this Aval Ladoo and offer as prasadam.


Aval / Poha —- 1 cup

Jaggery — 1/4 cup

Ghee — 3 tbsp

Almonds , Walnuts — 1 tsp

Cardamom pwd — 1/4 tsp.


Dry roast the aval in a pan till the aval changes coour. Cool it and blend it in a mixer coarselly. Add the jaggery and blend it again. Heat 1 tbsp ghee and fry the chopped dryfruits add this to the aval mixture, add cardamom pwd mix everything together. Heat the reamining ghee,, add to the aval mixture. Use a spoon mix the ghee with the aval mixture and make ladoos.

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