Being Durgaashtmi, I wanted to make something different for naivedyam. Two days back I overheard my mother chatting with her long time friend- Manni , as she is fondly called by everyone in our family. Manni was telling my mother that she prepared kadalai mavu payasam for naivedyam. So here’s my take on kadalai mavu payasam. Dedicating it to the everlasting friendship of my mother and Manni.


Besan / Kadalai mavu — 3 tablespoons

Milk — half liter

Ghee — 2 tablespoons

Sugar — 6-7 tablespoons

Badam, pistachio — 2 tablespoons

Cardamom powder — 1/4 teaspoon


Heat ghee in a pan add the chopped badam and pistachio, fry till they change color, remove and keep aside. Now lower the heat,add the kadalai mavu and fry for two minutes and put of the heat. Slowly add in the milk, stirring it at the same time. When kadalai mavu gets mixed well with the milk but on the heat and when the milk starts boiling add the sugar, mix well lower the heat and let the payasam boil for 5 mints, stirring it in between. Now add the cardamom powder and fried badam and pistachio and further boil for 2-3 minutes. Put of the heat. Your kadalai mavu paysam / besan ka kheer is ready.

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