Carrot Halwa

A simple, quick and healthy swer dish is the Carrot halwa. Today being teachers day, I dedicate this to not only our gurus but to all our Amma’s and Appa’s who are our first teachers.


Shredded carrot — 4 cups

Milk — 1 cup

Sugar — 1/2 cup

Ghee — 2-3 tablespoons

Dry fruits — 2 tablespoons.


Heat one tablespoon of ghee in a pan and fry the dry fruits, keep aside. In the same pan add the carrots, milk and cook till the milk is absorbed completely. Now add the sugar. Keep stirring in low heat. Slowly you will see the sugar also getting absorbed and everything coming together, now add the remaining ghee add cardamom powder. Keep stirring for further 2 minutes. Put of the heat add the fried dry fruits. Enjoy hot carrot halwa or wait for it to cool down and then add a scoope of vanilla icecream to a cup of carrot halwa and enjjjoyyy. 😊😊

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