Dates Payasam

Never tried making this payasam when I was in Dubai for so many years where plenty of dates of different varieties were available. But nevertheless tried it today. Its the most simple and quick payasam that can be prepared. Prepare and enjoy the payasam.


Dates — 11

Milk —   3 cups

Cashews — 1 teaspoon

Ghee — 1 teaspoon.


De seed dates and soak in half a glass of warm milk for 15 minutes. Boil rest of the milk in a pan. Grind the dates with milk into a smooth paste. Add the dates paste into to the boiling milk, stir and boli for 3-4 minutes, put of the heat. Heat ghee and fry the cashews and add this to the dates payasam. Enjoy dates payasam.( people with sweet tooth could add 2 teaspoon of sugar while boiling the milk.)

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