Hummus is a dip or a spread used along many dishes in Middle East . The method is simple but to get the proper consistency you need some patience and practice.


Kabuli channa — 1 cup

Gralic — 2

Tahini paste— 2 teaspoon

Olive. Oil —

Red chili powder —

Salt —

Ice cubes, warm water.

Rinse and soak the chick peas for at least 8 hours or overnight.Pressure cook the soaked chick peas. If you want a smooth texture to the Hummus, try peeling off the skin of the chickpeas. Start by first blending the chick peas and the roasted garlic pods. Gradually add in the ice cubes, lemon juice, tahini paste and salt. Keep adding the warm water to achieve the required consistency. Once, the hummus is nice and fluffy, sprinkle chilli powder on top to add a bit of spice. Feel free to add olive oil while blending or in the end, if you desire the extra texture and flavor of olive oil.

Tahini Paste
Dry roast white sesame seeds until you get the aroma. Blend the seeds with olive oil until smooth.

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