Baingan ka Salan

A famous dish of Hyderabad, which has a spicy gravy , served with Hyderbadi briyani.


Baigan / Brinjal —- 8-9

Onion ——1

Ginger -garlic paste —- 1 teaspoon

Tamarind —- small lemon size

Peanut —–1 tablespoon

Sesame —- 1 tablespoon

Coriander sseds — 1 tablespoon

Cumin seeds —- 1/2 tablespoon

Kuskus —- 1/4 tablespoon (optional)

Dry coconut —- 1/2 cup

Dry red chili —- 6-7

Salt —– 1 1/4 teaspoon

Oil —— 3-4 tablespoon

Few curry leaves.


Wash and dry the baingan. Cut the stem and slit them in four keeping the base intact. Soak the tamarind in water. Dry roast all the dry ingredients, and grind them. Heat 1 1/2 teaspoon oil and lightly fry the baingan till they look soft. Remove and keep aside. Heat the remaining oil and saute the ginger-garlic paste,then saute the cut onion with curry leaves till the onion tuns pink. Now add the baingan,saute for a minute and then add the grounded paste, cook for 2 minutes and then add the tamarind juice and salt, lower the heat ,cover and cook till baingan are very soft and cooked thoroughly.

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