Corona break

This is no forward or tips on how to take care of yourself and family against Corona virus. I think we all have had enough posts and forwards on it and hope some of the advice are being followed. All around the world the situation is the same and everyone are worried and anxious when everything is going to be normal again. Since leave has been declared for children, the question is how to occupy them? I got reminiscent about the past and how my children spend their childhood during the vacation. This is the best time to spend time together. Involve your children in household work like cleaning, drying the clothes, vegetables cutting. As my cousin mentioned, this automatically would reduce work for your domestic help, and they would get some time to spend with their children, since it’s holiday for them also. When my children had their vacation, it was mandatory to rearrange there wardrobe, bookshelf. One day it used to be that the furniture and decor’s would be rearranged automaticall! Even parents working from home can definitely take a break and go back to their childhood. Let your children experience it, this is best way of learning that can never be forgotten. Maybe things will be messy, or maybe one of your decor breaks, but these are the best memories one will always have. You will have silly arguments when playing board games, it’s fine! Every one is passionate about something, try to teach your child a little what you know and have forgotten. Painting, repairing something, cooking, singing, dancing. Dance alone with them, it’s fun and a good exercise, sing with your children, make funny songs, my children used to do it. Be assured that, this golden opportunity may never come back. So take a break, relax and enjoy with your family.

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